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Devil Moon BBQ Ribs
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Frequently Asked


New Orleans BBQ Carryout and Catering

What is your relationship with Brewery St. X?

Brewery St. X and Devil Moon are sister restaurants both owned and operated by Neighborhood Restaurant Group. The restaurants are two separate concepts with distinctly different menus, however, they do share a kitchen.


Are we able to order St. X draft beer at Devil Moon?

At Devil Moon, we always offer a variety of 16 oz. cans from Brewery St. X. If you prefer draft beer, we would be happy to provide any beers that are currently on the menu at the Brewery. 


Can I order Devil Moon if I’m sitting at Brewery St. X?

During Devil Moon business hours, you will always have the opportunity to order food from the Devil Moon menu and dine at Brewery St. X.


Are we able to just order the meats by themselves, as opposed to as a plate with sides?

All meats are available to be ordered a la carte in any quantity of your choice in quarter lb. increments, however, if larger quantities are desired, advanced notice is required.


Is catering available?

Yes, we’d be happy to cater for groups of any size. Since the menu is prepared fresh every day, we do require 24 hours advanced notice.


What is the portion size of meat per order? Sides?

Our sandwiches are prepared using ¼  lbs. portions of meat. Our one meat plate includes either ⅓ lbs.  of meat, 4 ribs or 2 links of sausage. Our two and three meat combos include either 4 oz. of each meat, 2 ribs or 1 link of sausage. All sides are served in 6 oz. portions.  


Is there a way we can try a little sampler of everything?

Absolutely, we always offer our party platter, which is all of our meats and all of our sides for $79. Generally, this feeds 4 to 6 guests.


What is the difference between lean and fatty brisket?

Lean brisket will be leaner meat with a small fat cap. Fatty brisket will be a thicker slice and have more marbling.


What is boudin?

Boudin is a quintessential Cajun pork and rice sausage with trinity vegetables and seasonings. Here at Devil Moon, we smoke our boudin, resulting in a rich, smoky & mildly spicy sausage.


What is the difference between the barbecue sauces?

We always offer three different house barbecue sauces to accompany your meal. 

Our house barbecue sauce is a traditional style sauce with local touches of Steen’s cane syrup and Barq’s Root Beer. Our mustard sauce is a sweet and spicy creole mustard based sauce, with touches of jalapeno and apricot. Our vinegar sauce is apple cider vinegar based and flavored with fruity chamoy hot sauce and apple juice.

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1188 GIROD ST.




TELEPHONE (504) 788 0093 

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